Rooms & Apartments

Check-In: 15:00 - 19:00

Check-Out: before 11:00


Late Check-In possible.

Inform us in advance.

Bed linen & towels: 100 SEK /set

Bed linen: 75 SEK /set

Towels: 25 SEK /set


Bed linen must be used, or dry cleaning fee applies.

Rent from us or bring your own. No sleeping-bags.

Singleroom with shared bathroom

max 1 person


  • Large bed
  • Free WiFi
  • Wardrobe, bureau, arm-chair & table
  • Cable-TV (free)
  • Kitchen access (shared with 2 rooms).
  • Shared WC / shower (shared w. 2 rooms).


Price: from 450 SEK /night

Twin-room with shared bathroom

max 2 persons


  • 2 separate beds (90 cm)
  • Free WiFi
  • Wardrobe & seating area
  • Cable-TV (free)
  • Kitchen access ( shared with 2 rooms)
  • Shared WC / shower (shared with 2 rooms).


1 person: from 550 SEK /night

2 persons: from 650 SEK /night

Popular room!

Small apartment

max 2 persons


  • 2 separate beds (105 cm)
  • Free WiFi
  • Wardrobe / bureau / seating area
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Private kitchen
  • Private WC / shower


1 person: from 750 SEK /night

2 persons: from 800 SEK /night

Large apartment

max 4 persons


  • 2 - 4 separate beds (90 - 105 cm)
  • Free WiFi
  • Wardrobe / bureau
  • Flat-screen TV / Cable
  • Seating area / dining area
  • Privat kitchen / kitchenette
  • Private WC / shower


1 person: from 800 SEK /night

2 persons: from 900 SEK /night

3 persons: from 1100 SEK /night

4 persons: from 1200 SEK /night

Good to know:

Final cleaning

Final cleaning included.

Please leave the accommodation in a neat and clean order.



Children 0 - 3 years stay for free



We do not offer parking. Public parking available near the accommodations. Ask us for advice.


Available for Single-room, Twin-room and Small Apartment at Triangeln. Inform us if you require an elevator.

Handicap adapted



Baby's Crib

Extra fee (one-time). Inform us in advance. Limited availability.

Bed material for Baby's Crib

Extra fee (one-time). Inform us in advance. Limited availability.

Two separate bedrooms

Available when booking a "Large Studio" for 2 persons.

Inform us in advance. Extra fee per night.

Extra bed

Extra fee per night. Inform us in advance. Limited availability.



Cards vi accept for payment

Pay by Card when booking

Credit / Debit Card

No PayPal-account required


Complete your booking

1. Choose payment amount (link)

PayPal's payment window will open up

2. Choose "Pay with a Card"

3. Fill in your details

4. Click on "Pay now"

PayPal suggests you create a PayPal-account

5. Click on "Not Now" at bottom of page

6. Receipt is sent automatically to your e-mail.

Thank you!


LOG IN to pay by Card


Go to LOG-IN in the top menu. Follow the instructions. Same procedure as steps 1 - 6. No PayPal-account required.


PayPal verifies that the payment is done in a secure manner for both parties. No PayPal-account required. Your payment is registered automatically in our booking system.


Need help?


Card or Cash (SEK).

Available: 12:00 - 19:00 (pm).

Decide time with us:

Decide a time for payment with us in advance. Our staff comes to your accommodation at the agreed time. Inform us if you wish to pay by Card or Cash (SEK).

Payment must be done on the arrival day or on the 2nd day of the stay. No payments on departure day.

1 nights stay paid in advance:

Staying only 1 night? Payment must be done in good time before arrival.

PayPal payment example picture

INVOICE - Company / Business

Only available for companies / businesses

Leave complete invoice details when booking. Please note: payment via invoice has to be agreed by us. We retain the right to decline payment by invoice.

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Kontakt / Contact:


Kontakt via e-mail. Ingen reception.

Contact via e-mail. No reception.

Check-In: 15:00 - 19:00

Check-out: 11:00 (AM)


Sen Incheckning möjlig. Meddela oss innan.

Late Check-In possible. Inform us before.