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Here you can:

  • See your booking
  • See how you pay your booking
  • Cancel your booking

Log In:

1.  Fill in your 5-digit booking reference nr

2.  Fill in your last name (bookers last name)

3.  Press "Search"

Pay by Card (Credit / Debit Card)

No PayPal-account required

1. LOG IN and choose payment amount

PayPals payment window opens up.

2. Choose "Pay with Card"

PayPal payment example picture

3. Fill in your details (security procedure)

4. Choose "Agree & Pay"

PayPal payment example picture

5. PayPal might suggest you create a PayPal-account.

You are free to say No - choose "NOT NOW" at bottom of page.

PayPal payment example picture

Thank you for the payment!

Automatic receipt i sent by e-mail.

Cancel the booking:

1.  Log in

2.  Choose "Cancel this reservation"

3.  Press on "Close window"

The cancellation is confirmed automatically by e-mail.

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